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Saffola Active Oil for Heart

Manage your weight smartly

Reducing the quantity of oil in food to maintain your weight maybe an obvious choice, just like the 64% Indians who do the same. But guess what, it’s not the only choice! Because it’s not only about less oil, but also about the right oil. Choose the right oil when you push to manage your weight. Saffola Active absorbs upto 28% lesser fat as compared to other single seed oils1, hence making it the healthy choice of Weight Watchers.

The Right Choice of Weight Watchers!


Saffola Active brings together the benefits of
LOSORB Technology & Omega 3,

thus making it a healthy choice in your journey towards fitness.
Now choose an oil which adds back to your health efforts.

Saffola Healthiest Cooking Oil
Saffola Oil for Health

Know the Benefits Of the oil

How exactly does the LOSORB technology, Omega 3, Vitamin E and Oryzanol help? It’s always good to know it better

LOSORB Technology

Absorbs upto 28% lesser fat as compared to other single seed oils like
sunflower or soya bean oils. Food cooked in Saffola oils absorbs lesser oil, thereby helping your weight management.

Omega 3

inflammation, cholesterol and
body fats. It is known to promote healthy functioning of cardiovascular system.2

Vitamin E

Fights diseases like
atherosclerosis and oxidative stress3


Helps Reduce cholesterol


Work towards an ideal body weight with these

Managing your weight means small changes – be it eating habits or staying active!
Here’s something more that you can do to manage your weight!

Fibre Power

Include more fibre in your diet. Fibre helps you to stay fuller for longer1. It also moves fat through your digestive system quicker so less of it is absorbed. Filling yourself up with fibre also gives you more energy to exercise.

Watch the clock!

Avoid irregular eating schedules. Try to understand whether you are eating out of habit or hunger2. Timely eating ensures that your metabolism is in control thus preventing unnecessary fat deposition leading to an ideal body weight!

Reject it

Stay away from aerated drinks or fruit juices that are loaded with artificial sweeteners and calories that are not good for health. Did you know that a cup of tea with 2 tsp of sugar 5 times a day exhausts your daily sugar intake limit?3

Not all Fats are bad

Differentiate between good and bad fats! While saturated and trans fat may not be so good -Good fats can be found in foods with Omega 3 & Omega 6 like flaxseed, soy nuts, almonds, cashews, etc.

Exercise. Repeat

You could choose a complex physical activity like going to the gym, or something as Simple as walking everyday can help you burn 300 calories4. Ensure that you make a habit out of it.

Your favourite activities, maybe?

It is important to like what you do, even in case of exercising. Do you like to cycle in the fresh air? Take a swim? What about yoga? So, aren’t you feeling charged up to pick up a new activity?

Dance Like No One’s Watching

If you are fond of shaking a leg, you are in luck! Dancing burns close to 372 calories per hour5 which has a beneficial effect on heart health as well. So crank up the volume and break into a jig and dance!

Reward Yourself

Set goals and reward yourself every time you reach your target. This will motivate you to keep going with your weight management regime.


You heard that right! Research found that women who slept five hours a night were almost twice as likely to be obese compared to women who got seven hours of sleep6. Lack of sleep makes you hungrier and makes you crave sweet, salty snacks.

Some more, but small

How about six small meals a day? Why? Because it makes you feel like you’re eating more while still eating less. It keeps your hunger pangs in control yet you do not feel deprived of food.

Don’t be too strict

It’s quite normal to miss out on a day of exercise. But you don’t need to worry about it! Just plan a make-up day for it and don’t double the amount of exercise during your next session!

Be Positive & Happy

Staying happy boosts your mood and releases endorphins – the feel good chemicals! Be positive and patient in your weight management journey. It’s important to adopt healthy food habits and stay active to maintain your ideal weight!


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