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Saffola Tasty Oil

Stay fit for a healthy heart!

When you do so much to take care of your family’s fitness, is your oil working hard enough for you? Complement your fitness efforts with healthy choices! Saffola Tasty absorbs upto 20% lesser fat as compared to other single seed oils2, hence making it the right choice of the Fitness Conscious.

Stay Fit with Saffola Tasty!


Saffola Tasty brings together the benefits of
LOSORB & Multiseed technology thus making it
a healthy choice in your journey towards fitness.

Now choose an oil which adds back to your health efforts.

Healthiest Cooking Oil

Know the Benefits Of the oil

How exactly does the LOSORB technology, Omega 3, Vitamin E and Oryzanol help? It’s always good to know it better

Mufa & Pufa

The multi-seed technology1 gives you the goodness of two oils in one, thus helping you to achieve the intake of all kinds of fatty acids like MUFA & PUFA

LOSORB Technology

The LOSORB TM technology absorbs upto 20% lesser fat as compared to other single seed oils like sunflower oil. 2


Natural antioxidants present in the oil are known to be effective in reducing cholesterol levels.3,4,5

Vitamin A

The Oil fortified with Vitamin A (Retinol) and Vitamin D6 helps to maintain your immune system7 and contributes to the normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which is important for bone health.8

Vitamin D

The oil is great for vegetarians, as habitual Indian diets do not provide even 10% of the requirement. Most food items that are rich in Vitamin D are of animal origin.9



The Right Nutrition, being fit everyday & having a positive outlook - Here’s something
more you can do more to stay fit.

Good versus Bad

Differentiate between good and bad fats, because not all fats are bad for your heart! While saturated and trans fat may be the roadblocks to a healthy heart, unsaturated fats are essential for a good health. Good fats can be found in foods with Omega 3 & Omega 6 like flaxseed, soy nuts, almonds, cashews, etc.

Read the Label

Nutrition information panels and ingredients lists are a good way of comparing similar foods so you can choose the healthiest one. Check the sodium and sugar content to ensure that the added sugar and salt content.

Quantity matters

Smaller, but more meals are a better option than large meals. Try switching to eating six smaller meals every day to keep yourself full, so that you avoid over eating. You’ll see the difference!

Healthy Snacking

When you crave for snacks between meals, it’s better to opt for low calorie, low fat and high fibre snacks. This helps to regulate blood glucose. Dietary fibre, particularly soluble fibre like in oats, improves glycemic control.

Get Fit together

Love social gatherings? Guess what! You can make your social gatherings more active by involving something fun that requires physical activity. That way, your social outings become interesting as well as you get fresh air!

Walk & Talk

If you love to to talk, walk with someone and make it a daily habit. Even a 30 minute walk would help as it is known to increase good cholesterol and keep your heart healthy2!

Eat o’ clock

You’re eating right if you’re eating on time. Avoid irregular eating schedules and fix a regular routine for eating together. When you skip meals, it may subsequently lead to over eating, leading you into an unhealthy lifestyle.

Stairs, All The Way

Choosing the stairs over the elevator may sound like a trivial decision, but even opting for the stairs, leads to an improved heart health!3

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Laughter releases endorphins4 that fight against stress hormones. So whether you’re checking out a funny cat video, watching your favorite comedy movie, or just cracking jokes with friends, you will be laughing your way to a healthy heart.

Be Happy, Be Healthy

Being happy can lead to reduction in stress and control blood pressure and strengthen our hearts. It also helps you combat the physical effects of stress like minor body aches such as head ache, trouble in sleeping and getting irritated easily!5

For the love of Music

Listening to music releases endorphins. So fight stress with music and make it an integral part of your life6. What’s best is that you don’t need to take time out separately for it, because you can make it a part of your routine- whether it is your daily commute or while you are cooking in the kitchen.

Pursue a hobby

Explore your hobbies and find what you like. Doing an activity which you like helps boost your mood by releasing endorphins – our body’s own natural feel-good hormone.


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